A Little About Seth

Seth began in 1972 with one man’s idea of reviving the classic art form of hand painted pinstriping for use in modern day applications. Soon after, the first school for hand pinstriping was founded and grew rapidly. Graduates have become successful stripers, and many have set up their own organizations. A large number of pinstripers now working on Long Island, NY were taught at The Lost Art School of Pinstriping, headed by Seth.

After teaching the technique of hand pinstriping so successfully, Seth went on to write the first book on the subject titled “The Techniques and Secrets of Hand Pinstriping.”

Currently plans are in progress to create the first museum to be devoted exclusively to hand-painted pinstriping.

These successes have led to the development of a consulting service that will establish independent pinstripers operating coast to coast. This will include a home-study course, supplies and materials and establishment of “in-house pinstripers” at new and used car dealerships.

Seth has custom pinstriped and monogrammed cars of celebrities, sports figures, entertainers and corporate executives. Many of the cars that Seth has custom painted have won First Place nationally in custom car shows as well as antique shows. Internationally, many cars of the clients that Seth has custom pinstriped, have been sent to Africa, Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.